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Where to Stay in San Juan, La Union: Monaliza Surf Resort (Review)

Since a few years ago, I always wanted to go to La Union. Before coming there, I imagine a world where people are in beach outfits and partying all night and going to the beach and surfing in the morning. I have been to other similar places like Zambales, but I think La Union will give me a different experience.

A lot of accommodations in a form of hotels, hostels, and resorts exist in La Union. However, among them, this resort already exists even before the town of San Juan was discovered by tourists: the Monaliza Surf Resort.

Upon entering the compound of the resort, you will already feel the very quaint vibe it brings to the guests. The place has several nipa  huts and airconditioned rooms to choose from.

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Where To Eat and Stay in Makati City: City Garden Grand Hotel (Review)

Good food, perfect me time, nice ambiance, and complete and cool amenities.

This is how I can describe my experience at City Garden Grand Hotel in a nutshell. Situated at the heart of Poblacion, Makati City, I can guarantee that it can give you the best staycation experience here in Metro Manila. It is close to malls such as the A.Venue Mall, drugstores, and convenience stores. Its 32-floor building is full of awesome stuff that can make the guest have a satisfying stay.

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Where To Have An Affordable Staycation in Quezon City: ZEN Rooms West Avenue (Review)

Staycations in Metro Manila does not need to be in fancy hotels because there are a lot of alternatives available, like hostels and low-range inns. Also, let me introduce to you another alternative: a condotel with fully-furnished rooms being rented like a hotel in the name of ZEN Rooms.

ZEN Rooms operate in the Philippines and Southeast Asia and provides an affordable accommodation to travelers of any kind. Just recently, I was lucky enough to have experienced one of the ZEN Rooms branches here in Manila: the ZEN Rooms West Avenue. It has a good location, it has spacious rooms, cafe and restaurant, and it has a parking area and a gym.

Checking in

Like the usual hotel check-in process, you will be asked for an identification card once your prior reservation is confirmed. You will be asked for a Php1500 security deposit which is refundable upon check-out. You will be handed the key card to your room.

The Room

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Where To Eat in Quezon City: Limbaga 77 Cafe Restaurant

There will be times that you will get used to Filipino food (since they are cooked in your house every single day) to the point that you will always long for other types of food, like Japanese, Italian, and American, among others. I have tried several Filipino restaurants and the competition lies on how they put their respective ‘twists’ to common Filipino dishes. This is where eating Filipino food outside home sounds pretty much a nice idea.

My journey to finding the perfect set of Filipino dishes with a twist led me to this quaint restaurant at Tomas Morato, Quezon City: the Limbaaga 77 Cafe Restaurant.

The name Limbaga 77 actually came from the restaurants address: No. 77 Scout Limbaga, Quezon City. From the outside, the restaurant looks like a typical old-style Filipino home, which makes your dining experience authentically Filipino. As mentioned, they serve Filipino dishes and most of them are for sharing — perfect for families.

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Where to Stay in Bagan, Myanmar: Golden Crown Motel (Review)

We took a night bus from Mandalay going to Bagan during our trip to Myanmar. What we had is a mini-bus and the trip took around 4 hours, including a short stopover to a small eatery (called carinderia in Filipino) where I was able to drink a legit Myanmar beer.

When we reached Old Bagan area, other tourists in the bus started to alight the bus one by one because we are already passing by a street occupied with hotels and hostels. When one of our companions mentioned that we are alighting at Golden Crown Motel (and even showing a paper containing our confirmed reservation with the said place), the bus attendant seem to be clueless about the location of the place. After a few minutes of driving around, we were able to reach our destination. Obviously, it is not located where most hotels in Old Bagan are concentrated.

Photo from

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Where to Have Staycation in Quezon City: Meranti Hotel (Review)

‘Me time’ has always been in my vocabulary. I am always looking for some peace and quiet places in Metro Manila if I cannot afford to travel home in Bagtangas. Since I have been regularly jogging in Scout Area in Quezon City, I was able to pass by several hotels and restaurants. And that is when Meranti Hotel caught my attention.

Located at the quiet neighborhood of Scout Castor Street, Quezon City, I think Meranti Hotel can give me the peacefulness I need. The view of the lobby from the outside is so inviting.

The Check-In Process

The check-in process was a breeze and the staff were really courteous and attentive. I did not have a prior reservation but I did not experience any hassle during the check-in process. Also, thank God they have available rooms that night. J You will be served a welcome drink while waiting for your check-in to be processed.

Upon entering the room, I took photos of every corner. The walls are not white, surprise! But the lights give enough illumination to the room.

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Have a Colorful and Happy Snack Time at Arsty Café Panay

I was checked-in at BGC Hostel Quezon City (also known as Panay Kain Tulog Atbp.) and I was looking for a place to eat until I saw this very bright and colorful restaurant just below the hostel. From the outside, it really looks to artsy – from the chairs and tables to the paintings on the wall to the overall interior design. No questions asked, I decided to come in and order some food.

It was almost closing time but people (like me) still come to dine at Artsy Café. I really liked the overall ambiance of the place and I love how courteous are the staff in getting the orders of the customers.

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