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Where to Have Staycation in Quezon City: Meranti Hotel (Review)

‘Me time’ has always been in my vocabulary. I am always looking for some peace and quiet places in Metro Manila if I cannot afford to travel home in Bagtangas. Since I have been regularly jogging in Scout Area in Quezon City, I was able to pass by several hotels and restaurants. And that is when Meranti Hotel caught my attention.

Located at the quiet neighborhood of Scout Castor Street, Quezon City, I think Meranti Hotel can give me the peacefulness I need. The view of the lobby from the outside is so inviting.

The Check-In Process

The check-in process was a breeze and the staff were really courteous and attentive. I did not have a prior reservation but I did not experience any hassle during the check-in process. Also, thank God they have available rooms that night. J You will be served a welcome drink while waiting for your check-in to be processed.

Upon entering the room, I took photos of every corner. The walls are not white, surprise! But the lights give enough illumination to the room.

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Have a Colorful and Happy Snack Time at Arsty Café Panay

I was checked-in at BGC Hostel Quezon City (also known as Panay Kain Tulog Atbp.) and I was looking for a place to eat until I saw this very bright and colorful restaurant just below the hostel. From the outside, it really looks to artsy – from the chairs and tables to the paintings on the wall to the overall interior design. No questions asked, I decided to come in and order some food.

It was almost closing time but people (like me) still come to dine at Artsy Café. I really liked the overall ambiance of the place and I love how courteous are the staff in getting the orders of the customers.

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Feel The Taste of Home At Gabe’s Homegrown Dishes

There will always be times when you feel like not going out and just stay at the comfort of your home but you crave for something to eat which requires you to actually get off the couch and go out of the house. And you think of eating different kinds of food – from street food to rice meals to pasta to sweet desserts. Let me tell you that it is very possible to be in an ideal scenario when you can eat what you want and feel like you’re just simply home and you can even bring your family.

Presenting the place I am talking about: Gabe’s Homegrown Dishes!

Situated at the outskirts of Katipunan Avenue (with outskirts, I mean in the quieter part of Katipunan hence more homey and relaxing), Gabe’s is a restaurant serving what a typical Filipino family would usually eat. So if you’re just plain tired of fast food, this is the place to be.

I love the feeling you get upon entering the door of the restaurant – it just takes you home. It has a relaxing ambiance, couches and comfortable dining sets are present, there is even a magazine/book corner which guests can borrow while waiting for their orders, and there is also a toy corner where guests with kids can freely borrow some toys.

Reviews of the restaurant, including its past celebrity guests (and I hope it includes me haha!) are posted all over the place and there is a sticky notes corner where you can read all the reviews of this restaurant.

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Have The Best Merienda Ever With Bhe’st Lasagna

Office afternoons can be lazy and dull, and sometimes drowning in your coffee does not make it any better. As I was browsing through the internet, I came across this food that the name itself already reveals something about its quality and taste: Bhe’st Lasagna.

I am a fan of anything pasta, and the presence of a garlic bread by its side is a whole different story. Lasagnas from fast food chains may try to compete with Bhe’st Lasagna, but the creaminess of Bhe’st Lasagna is something to die for. I believe, unlike fast food lasagnas, it is not mass cooked and is made especially to its customers.

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Hapag Heritage Cuisine: A Perfect Dining Spot for the Filipino Family

As someone who is born and raised in the Philippines, it is just normal for me to get used to Filipino dishes and appreciate foreign dishes more. In fact, I am only looking forward to anything cooked by my Mom. Little did I realize that Filipino dishes are different in many parts of the country and appreciating them is something I have to work on.

Good thing I have found this hidden gem along Maginhawa Street in Quezon City: the Hapag Heritage Cuisine.

Owned by Chef Julio and his family, Hapag Heritage Cuisine boasts a very unique set of menu items since they are the ones who developed the recipe, and more importantly, they do not use MSG or artificial flavorings in their food.

The interior of Hapag is very comfortable that it resembles a typical Filipino dining area. There are tables for both small and large groups. What amazed me are the presence of different mini paintings in the place. They are beautiful!

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Have an Authentic Taste of Japan at Tokyo Bubble Tea

Raise your hands if you love Japanese food! I am here to give you guys a virtual tour of this very awesome Japanese restaurant chain in Metro Manila.

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to dine at their Tomas Morato Branch. They have several branches around Metro Manila, too – at Katipunan Blue Ridge, SM North EDSA The Block, and SM Megamall, to name a few.

Upon entering the place, you will be greeted by its very courteous staff and will guide you to your table. For someone who has been to Japan, I would say that the place will give you an authentic vibe of a Japanese restaurant. The restaurant plays a Japanese playlist which adds to the Japan feels, and you also have the option to dine the Japanese way, that is, sitting on the floor.

The pink lover in me is very happy because the interior is so kawaii!

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