Who’s Sherlyn?


Hola! I’m Sherlyn and I really love to travel and take photographs of almost everything I find beautiful. 🙂

I am a Master in International Studies and AB Political Science degree holder from the Philippines.

The University of the Philippines Diliman is the premiere state university in the Philippines which houses several museums and artworks as well as wonders of nature (such as these shady trees) that can be visited by anyone. I highly recommend UP Diliman as a spot for leisure walking and clearing your mind. 😉 The 'sablay', which I'm wearing on top of my white dress (the maroon sash with the ancient alphabet, alibata, woven) is an alternative to the cap and gown worn by graduating students.🎓 So, here I am sharing something personal: this is me when I received my Master's degree weeks ago, currently expressing frustration over my failure to have my official graduation picture taken until now due to suuuuuper busy schedule. 😓 #mysmilesnap

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I love skirts — short ones or long ones? It doesn’t matter.

My other wild dreams include baking French macarons for a living, getting a PhD, being a disc jockey, and being a flight attendant.

I am a huge fan of art and culture, strawberry milkshakes, Taylor Swift, and the great outdoors.