#AskSherlyn: Sherlyn Answers

Hello, followers! Thank you for joining the giveaway, as mentioned, @tosh_travels won my first #AskSherlyn giveaway! Here are my answers to your questions:

From @gela_manalo:

Which do you prefer — to travel just by yourself or with someone else? Is there a special thing/stuff that you always bring whenever you travel (except cameras, passport)?

I do both solo travel and travel with friends or family. I cannot choose which one I prefer because both of them offer different experiences. Solo travel allows me to relax and reflect about things and manage my own time while travel with friends and family allows me to bond with them and enjoy activities that has to be done in groups.

Aside from the necessary stuff like camera and passport, I always, always bring my sunblock.

From @whereisjener:

How do you choose your next destination? Do you have a list? Or you choose them randomly?

It depends. I actually have a list but I do not need to follow it. Some items in my bucketlist include Spain, Brazil, Morocco, and India. If a friend or a relative will invite me to go somewhere not in my list, why not?

From @valabsent:

Which place in Southeast Asia would you like to come back again and again, and why?

Myanmar! The people are genuinely kind, the food is great (I love how abundant their rice supply is), and it is very relaxing in every corner.

From @immanmagayo:

Which one do you prefer? Sunset and sunrise? And where do you mostly want to see it and why?

Sharing you a typical scene from where I grew up 🌅

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Both! I’ve seen so many sunrise and sunset in different places, but Tagaytay is my favorite place to watch both sunrise and sunset.

From @karenbiebsber:

What’s your way of saving up money for travels?

You just have to STRICTLY set aside a certain amount of your salary every single payday to save up for your travels. It takes commitment and dedication. Side hustles or rakets may also help.

From @jembunjan:

What’s your favorite Pinoy street food?

Isaw (chicken intestines)! 🙂

From @rie.marxelinne:

Any magic word you use during a travel so that you don’t seem like a traveler when asking people for directions?

When traveling here in the Philippines, I always use the word ‘boss’ or ‘bossing’ when addressing security guards, tricycle drivers, vendors, bystanders, name it, when asking for directions. For women, just use ‘ate‘. For overseas travel, I don’t mind being identified as a traveler.

From @brenderitas:

If you could live in any other country, where would it be and why? What is the most exotic food that you’ve tried?

I would love to live in Spain because I love the food and I love the idea of siesta. I am not (yet) that adventurous in trying exotic foods, but the one I can remember is the dried or cured deer (tapang usa) in Paluan, Occidental Mindoro.

From @slyngrey:

I am planning to have my first Asian trip soonest. Which country do you recommend? What would I expect during the tour?

It depends. If you like food and city vibe and traveling with family, go to Hong Kong or Singapore. If you are more into cultural immersion, go to either Myanmar or Cambodia. If you like the countryside province feels, go to Laos. Expect that you have to learn how to communicate with the locals, especially if they are not good in English.

From @ramonitoo_soul.adventurer:

What are the most essential things to bring when traveling?

Sunblock, water bottle, camera.

From @tigabundok:

Are you single?


From @tosh_travels:

What tips can you give to young backpackers who would also want to experience and see the beauty of the world just like how you did it?

It is not expensive to see the world. You just have to be dedicated enough to do it. Do not stop to learn everything — culture, food, language, etc. There is always something new to learn everyday. If you cannot travel just yet, watch Antony Bourdain, read Lonely Planet, browse through travel blogs.

From: @macky.iato:

Where is Sherlyn right now?

Sherlyn is currently in Manila, back at her 8-5 government research job.

From @chasingcharless:

What’s the biggest challenge being a female traveler?

I have not felt that being a female traveler is a challenge just yet.

From @julia.lauggh:

What’s your everyday routine?

I work as a government researcher during weekdays and do side hustles off-duty. I usually go home in Batangas during weekends.

From @miacarro:

What’s the safest country for a solo female traveler?

I am not in the position to identify the safest country for solo female travelers, but I heard European countries are safe for solo female travelers.

From @faithmariii:

I read you’re coming to Cebu soon. What’s on top of your to-do list?

Back in 2015, I only did museum tour in the city. This year I am looking forward to have an island hopping adventure with my friends.

From @jlobrienau:

Jollibee or Shakey’s?

Difficult question! But Shakey’s because it has pizza and mojos while Jollibee doesn’t.

From @alex.degala

What’s the most important thing you’ve learned about traveling?

The most important thing I learned about traveling is that you are only a small part of this world and the world is bigger than you and your issues.

From @ongerz:

Where is the best place to stay (in Myanmar) — in Ostello Hostel New Bagan or around the Old Bagan area? Our trip would be Myanmar-Chiang Mai. Do you recommend pushing for Mandalay or just skip it and just go to Yangon-Bagan-Chiang Mai to save time from travel?

We booked ours at Golden Crown Motel in Old Bagan and we had a nice stay there. Chiang Mai and Mandalay are equally beautiful, why not visit them all? If your concern is time, then pursue the Chiang Mai trip because Mandalay is really far.

From @nikanikkz:

Of all the places you’ve been to, what is your number one most recommended to go to?

Myanmar! The people are kind, there is a huge selection of food, and it’s not really crowded with tourists (yet).


Dessert lovers, hail to St. Hale Torched Cookie Sandwich!

I am very lucky to have discovered and tasted the most delicious dessert for me thus far. Everybody hail to this very yummy St. Hale Torched Cookie Sandwich! 🙂

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The Story of St. Hale Cookies

Isabel really loves cookies. Among all of the pastries she tried baking, cookies are her favorite. Her cookie recipe is a product of a 10-years experiment — a trial and error and hit and miss process in the kitchen, until finally, she was able to create the St. Hale Cookie recipe. Originally, she was making homemade ice-cream cookie sandwiches but she eventually replaced the homemade ice-cream with homemade marshmallows. (This is the reason behind the name “Hale.” (“Hail” is frozen rain/ice/means cold.)

Her father was watching a cooking show where meat at seafood was being seared/torched with a blowtorch. He eventually convinced her to try using a blowtorch for her cookie gigs where she torches cookie sandwiches on the spot for that Torched Cookie Experience.

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National Capital Region (Manila) · Philippines

Satisfy Your Pizza Cravings at Stephen’s Brick Oven Pizza

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Hidden along Paseo De Roxas Street in Makati City is this small but beautiful pizza restaurant named Stephen’s Brick Oven Pizza and is really worth the visit.

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The interior design is not yet complete but is already is enough to give the customers a relaxing vibe.

In fact, I cannot help but take a photo of every corner of this place.

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I had the chance to try five pizza flavors during our stay. Are you ready for a virtual tour of Stephen’s Brick Oven Pizza menu? 🙂

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There are a total of 15 pizza flavors in their menu and we got to try the (1) Crusty Crustacean, (2) Muscle Up, (3) Surf N’ Turf, (4) Bleu Bacon, and (5) S’mores. All of them are the bestsellers. Their pizza is available either on Single (4 slices) and Ready to Mingle (8 slices) sizes. I could say that the prices here are cheap but the quality of the food can really compete with the expensive ones.

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The upper half is the Muscle Up. It contains bacon, mushrooms, sausage, onions, and parsley. The lower half is Crusty Crustacean. It contains shrimp, anchovies, roasted garlic, pesto, and fresh basil. I am not a seafood person for pizza toppings, but I really really loved it.

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They will also provide you with a home-made habanero. Perfect for those who would like to add some ‘hotness’ in their pizza.

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The upper half is Surf N’ Turf. It contains shrimp, Spanish chorizo, onions, three cheeses, and parsley. The lower half is Bleu Bacon. It contains bacon and four cheeses.

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Who loves pizza for dessert? 🙂 This is S’mores. It contains Nutella, marshmallows, and graham crumble. Yum!

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To be honest, for a pizza lover like me, no words can express how much I loved every bite of every flavor I have tried. I was very much willing to go beyond my daily calorie count because they are really yummy. The crust, I must say, is perfect!

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In two to three weeks time, they will be serving pasta and other menu items.

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Yes, it is really okay to eat a whole pizza by yourself. #PizzaIsLife.

Follow them on Instagram at @stephens_brick_oven_pizza.

Shoutout to Sir Stephen and Ms. Krissy for the hospitality and the opportunity to dine at Stephen’s Brick Oven Pizza!

Ilocos Region · Pangasinan · Philippines

5 Spots to Visit in Pangasinan Province, Philippines

Pangasinan is a province located in the Ilocos Region in northern part of the Philippines. Like other places in the Philippines, it has great food, great people and great spots to see. Below are five of these wonderful places that are worth visiting in the province.

1. Enchanted Cave

2.  Minor Basilica of Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary of Manaoag

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Ilocos Region · Pangasinan · Philippines

Photo Gallery: Museo de Nuestra Señora de Manaoag

The Philippines is a predominantly Catholic country. There is at least one Catholic Church in every town or city in the country. the Nuestra de Senora de Manaoag Church is one of the most popular churches in the Philippines which can be found in the province of Pangasinan in the Ilocos Region in Northern Philippines.

The Museo de Nuestra de Senora de Manaoag is the church museum located just beside the church. It houses several church paraphernalia and religious items.




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National Capital Region (Manila) · Philippines

Taste the Awesomeness of Barn Life at Cattle Milkshake Bar

Hello, hello, milkshake lovers! This new heavenly place at SM The Annex is the perfect place for you!

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Cattle Milkshake Bar is located at 2nd Floor, The Annex, SM North EDSA, Quezon City.

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We were greeted by this cute signage full of awesomeness!

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This is definitely the place where chocolate comes to life. Yummy!

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I am loving the awesomeness of this place.

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I am also loving the semi-industrial-themed interior of this place which resembles a barn. Look up and you will see a sky full of cowboy hats!

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